Take Everything

by Rivers & Robots

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released July 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Rivers & Robots Manchester, UK

Rivers & Robots is an indie worship band from Manchester, UK.


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Track Name: You Saved My Soul
Let the new song arise
From every tongue and tribe
Every mountain high
And every valley

Let our love burn bright
All through the darkest night
Let the flames take flight

To the one who gave it all to have my heart
And from the very start, He knew every part of me
Who I would be, and how He'd make me to give Him glory

Beautiful one, You saved my soul
You are my everything, You make me whole
What can I give but give my all?
You're so deserving

So I will love You Lord
With all my heart and soul
All my mind and strength
Just like You told us to and

You are here
Your spirit lives in me
You've opened my eyes to see

You are no more behind a temple wall, You gave Your life for all
Waiting for an open heart to open wide, and You'd come inside
And breathe new life
Track Name: Uncreated One
There's an awe that comes
From comprehending the Holy
Why do we chase the things
That we made with our hands?

So would You open our eyes
To see You as are
The Faithful Witness
And The Morning Star

You are the uncreated one
Matchless in all that You are
You are beyond all reason
And concept of man

Then the silence comes
As we stand in Your presence
But love inflames our hearts
And constrains us to speak
Were we to hold our peace
The rocks and hills would call
To the great I AM
To the all in all

Oh my Lord, I am forever Yours
Maker of all the earth
My closest friend

Oh my soul, sing to the morning star
The one who made light from dark
And fashioned my heart
Track Name: Open Up
Though our enemies surround us
Like dancing moths around a fire
I know all flesh is grass
And fading fast

So I will choose to lay my life down
And give myself to giving love
And I will wear the way I loved you forever

So Lord, would You open up my eyes
Open up my eyes to see Your beauty
And open my heart
Open up my heart to feel Your love

I want to give myself to
Something that lasts forever
And I want to spend my life
Loving someone eternal

If I could see You more
Then I could love You more
If I could see more of You
Track Name: So Easy
You said “Come all you weary
Come gather near me, I’ll give you rest
Lay your burdens upon me
I’ll take them on me
And You can take mine”

So I know now that I’m free
Covered in mercy
Bought with a price
And I stand here before You
I’ve been restored to
Pure in Your sight

You make all things new
You make all things new
It’s just what You do
Oh, to know that You hear me
Know that You love me
Know that I’m welcome

You make it so easy

So You took on flesh
You died my death
You payed my price

Oh, just to be with me
So you could have me
And give me new life

How can this be?
(That You would do this for me?)
Track Name: Silver
I’d give my life just to be with You
And I’ll search for You as silver
You are more precious than anything
This world could offer me

So I’m selling everything I have
To gain the only thing that’s worth anything

I’d leave it all in a moment
I’d drop my nets and follow You
And You are the only one who’s worthy
Of everything

You’re fairer than the sons of men
Chief among ten thousand and
There’s never been another one greater
There’s never been another one greater

I’ve found the treasure in field
I’ve found my treasure
This one thing I desire
This one that I seek
To dwell in Your house Lord
To dwell in Your house
Track Name: Fountains
There is no love like Yours oh God
A love that melts the hardest heart
A joy that rises up within my soul

There is no sweeter name than Yours
With power to save, to heal, restore
A name that shakes the earth
With holy fear

Oh and all my fountains are in You
I know all my fountains are in You
They are in You

There is no other God but You
No other satisfies like You do
With living water flowing from Your heart
There’s joy within Your eyes oh King

I feel You dance, I hear You sing
Your songs of love over our crooked hearts

All my fountains are in You
I know all my fountains are in You

You’re a dancing King with lover’s eyes
Writing devotion in the skies
The Spotless Son, and the greatest prize
Coming down to meet Your bride
Track Name: The Bridegroom
“Until the day breaks and shadows flee
Turn my beloved, and come to me
I’ve made a place for you

I have come to the garden
To find you here
So let me see your face
Let me hear your voice
For your voice is sweet to me

Do you know that
You have ravished my heart?
Do you know that
You have ravished my heart?
Yes, you have ravished my heart
With one glance of your eye

Now, the winter has passed
The rain has been and gone
I come over the hills to say
‘come away with me my dear, away,
come away’

We will be, we will be, we will be together
We will be, we will be, we will be forever

Would you lift up your eyes to see
I am calling you now, to me
I have so much more to tell you

All that you really believe inside
What you see when you close your eyes
I have so much more to show you”
Track Name: The King
I was watching in the night visions and
behold, one like the Son of Man, coming
with the clouds of heaven. They brought
Him to the Ancient of Days, they brought
Him near before Him and gave to Him
glory and a dominion that is everlasting
And a kingdom that will not be destroyed

All Your works shall bless Your name
And all creation will proclaim
That You alone are God and King
And we will bring our offering of praise

I know my eyes will see
The King in His beauty
And the land that is very far off

I know that He is one
I know His name is one
And the Lord shall be
King over all the earth

There He is upon His horse
See His eyes burn with fire
See He comes, with girded sword
He shall rule, and He shall reign

And on His robe, and on His thigh
Reads: “King of Kings
and Lord of Lords”
So open up You ancient doors
Let the King of Glory come

For the Lord God omnipotent reigns
Track Name: The Judge
Oh sing to the Lord a new song
And bless His name
Proclaim the good news of His salvation
From day to day, from day to day
Declare His glory among the nations
His wonders among the peoples

For the Lord is great
And greatly to be praised

He is to be feared above all other gods
For all the gods of the peoples are idols
But the Lord made the heavens
Honour and majesty are before Him
Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary

Oh give to the Lord, give to the Lord
Glory and strength, glory and strength

Oh give to the Lord
The glory due His name
Bring an offering
And come into His courts
Oh worship the Lord
In the beauty of Holiness
Tremble before Him, all the earth
Say among the nations “The Lord reigns”
The world is also firmly established
It shall not be moved

He shall judge the peoples righteously

Let the heavens rejoice
Let the earth be glad
Let the sea roar, and all it’s fullness
Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it
Then all the trees of the woods
Will rejoice before the Lord

He is coming, He is coming
To judge the earth, to judge the earth
He is coming, He is coming
To judge the earth
To judge the earth with righteousness
And the peoples with truth
Track Name: More Than Enough
I return once again
To the place where I belong
Though I’ve turned, I repent
God I know that I’ve done wrong
I need You, I need love
God, You’re more than enough for me

Now this fight is as real
As the ground beneath my feet
And it pulls, and it draws
And it eats away at me
But I choose You, I choose love
God, You’re more than enough for me

Though I swim against the tide
I know I’ll be satisfied by You
And though I fight against my flesh
I know I will find my rest in You

Make a highway in me
For Your love to come on through
Break the chains, break the walls
In between my heart and You
Fill me up, fill me up
God, You’re more than enough for me

You’re my rock and my joy
You’re the everlasting truth
There is none in this world
I desire more than You
I want You, I want love
God, You’re more than enough for me

Jesus, You can satisfy
Only You can satisfy
When I’m thirsty and I’m dry
I come to You Lord

Oh God fill me completely
And make me completely in love

Don’t let me go away
Just keep me by Your side
You see me differently
Behind those burning eyes

So keep me here, keep my now, forever
I am Yours, I am Yours, forever
There is none besides You God, forever
And forever we will sing
Forever we will sing
Track Name: Take Everything
Father of light, shine Your light in me
Take these weak hands
And use them for Your needs
You made these eyes, so that I could see
The holy things, and all You have for me

Once lost in the dark
But You’ve uncovered me
Your eyes of fire are burning after me
A hole in the soul
That’s only filled by You
I lift my eyes, and I turn to You

Everything is loss, when I feel Your love
Nothing I have found
Comes anywhere close to You
I love You more than anything
You alone satisfy every longing

I am Yours, take everything
My mind, my heart, my soul
Because You’re zealously after it
You can have it, You can have it
I surrender, I surrender

The King is here, the King is here
And the King is in love
And He’s after your heart
He’s after your everything
Will you let Him in?
Will you let Him in?